International GolfWeek

Imagine not a tournament but a golf festival in a truly "outside of the ropes" atmosphere. First edition headlined by Hank Haney started the history of the event, which gained instantly positive international reviews as its back-then-visionary concept of mixing show, fun and friendship of golf stars, fans and VIPs is nowadays becoming a trend at the European and other main Tours. Following editions of the International GolfWeek were headlined by names like Ernie Els, Fanny Sunneson, Graham Marsh, Rafa Cabrera-Bello, Darren Clarke, Simon Holmes and many others. Its 10th anniversary was celebrated by launching the International GolfWeek China in Shanghai in 2014. IGW China became part of Hainan Open in 2015. 

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Move2Golf and Dance2Golf

My 10 year-long research declares that a pro dancer learns correct golf swing movement within 45 minutes. Stance, posture, positions, flow, sequence, tempo, feel, awareness...

Golfers do not improve their golf technique nearly that quickly - no matter how great coach or piece of advice they have - simply because their brain is not able to control the body the way dancers do and/or the body cannot move well enough. Imagine that golfers could improve their simple ability to move by just few percent... how much impact that would have for their golf technique and their scores... All golfers probably know but might not truly realize that what they learn from their golf teachers is, in another words, learning to move while trying to hit the golf ball. Let's focus on how to move first. To improve your golf swing movements you ought to be able to work with your body the same way the dancers do. 

All exercises and techniques in the programs systematically cultivate your body. Within few weeks you will be able to establish a two way communication with the critical parts of your body and you will be able to swing the club better.

To accommodate for all levels and comfort levels we have created 6 different sub programs on two diferent levels. If you would like to book a Move2Golf or Dance2Golf seminar by Alan or ask more questions please email at


The International Championships of High School Teams

The "High School Cup" is an open championship of high school teams established in 2006. The championship is part of the calendar of Official events of Czech Golf Federation. Renamed to the International Czech Championships of High School Teams as of its 10th anniversary in 2016. 

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Play the Old Course St. Andrews

We strive to provide our customers and clients the best of the best in the world of golf. Guaranteed tee times at the Old Course in St. Andrews are one of the most sought after commodities in golf. Select one of the offered trips and play the course where the golf history shaped up and where some of the most memorable chapters of the oldest tournament in the history, The Open, takes place. By yourself, in a group or with sparring partner Roman Sebrle, the tentathlon Olympic winner and a pro golfer, and Alan Babicky, a fully qualified PGA professional.

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The Masters

Masters tickets are the most desirable tickets in sport. Augusta National is the most exclusive golf club and a course in the world. Technically, the tickets are sold out from 1978. Ingolf offers not only guaranteed price season passes and practice round tickets but the whole package includes accomodation in luxury villas in the ISM village, casual meeting of all the ISM players, catering and much more. Truly the once in a lifetime experience in golf.

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Pro ams

International proam are the most rewarding, most fun and most intensive form of a golf trip with a professional. Best resorts of the world are at their toes to show off, tournament atmosphere, international competition and networking compose truly unforgettable experience. Groups of three with Roman Šebrle, the tentathlon Olympic winner and a pro golfer, and/or Alan Babicky, a fully qualified PGA professional will recieve an experience can not even be compared to just golf outing with friends as half of the week is spent in a true "heat of the battle" alongside the top pros.

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